Go Digital

Digitize and store all your forms and documents in highly secure servers. Easily distribute latest documents to team members and never worry about outdated forms.

Safe & secure

Servers use 256-bit AES for files at rest and SSL/TLS for data in transit, so your files are protected. Moreover, our solution ensures that documents don’t reach unauthorized team members by mistake.

Fill & Send

Type in form fields and mark check boxes easily and avoid messy handwritings. Documents are sent automatically to the correct person with no mistyped or misplaced emails.

Collect Signatures

Sign documents and forms easily by hand or using a stylus.

Draw and take notes

Add free hand drawings to your forms by hand or using stylus just like using paper.

Search in seconds

Stop the paper chase and locate find any document in your archive in just a second.

Stay updated

Stay connected and make sure you receive all updates on time to make the right decisions.

Easy to learn

Beleela for business is very easy to learn, be a professional in less than a day.

Save the environment

Save trees and help our planet survive.

Use Cases

sales team
Construction Companies

Keep your supervisors connected with the office. All forms including Daily reports, Drawing transmittal, Material approval and Work notification are converted into digital forms filled on-site. and sent instantly to the office and the consultants.

sales team
Sales Teams

Make sure all sales representatives have the latest marketing materials and pricing. Close deals instantly and share contracts and documents with the office in real-time.

How It Works?

Send us
All You Forms

Just toss over all your forms and templates in any format - Word documents, Excel sheets or even paper - and we will have them converted to interactive digital forms ready to be used through our solution. All forms are converted to standard PDF forms which could be viewed not only through our solution but also through any computer, tablet or phone.

Your Teams and Employees

All you need to do is tell us what teams you need to set and who will have access to which documents. We will have permissions set for you and your teams with defined privileges:

  • Shared storage with read-only access to get latest documents
  • Preset submit rules to automatically forward documents to the one in charge
  • Local storage to keep their work in progress
  • User-name and password to allow secure access to the app

Only one day

The app is very simple to use and doesn't need more than one day training to get all your employees using it. training will include a very simple explanation for the solution and a hands-on training on the app.
By the end of the training all employees will be able to:

  • Login to their installed apps
  • Access the shared document storage
  • Fill and sign any form digitally
  • Submit form to set rules

You're Ready

Congratulations you've gone digital!

You're just one click away from going digital!

Request a demo today and we will contact you and arrange for a demo to see it working!